Repertoire : Rewards


As a token of appreciation for our loyal customers, the Repertoire Loyalty Rewards programme offers a $30 loyalty reward for every $500 spent.

  1. - Membership is free

  2. - Repertoire Loyalty Rewards members will be required to join the Repertoire customer database

  3. - Loyalty points are accumulated on all full priced items purchased in a Repertoire store or online at (excludes sale or reduced items and outlet sale purchases)

  4. - Loyalty points can be redeemed at any Repertoire store (excluding layby purchases and outlet stores) and online at Points will automatically show on the point of sale and redemption of points is recorded on the sales docket / invoice

  5. - Loyalty points cannot be redeemed on Laybuy or layby sales

  6. - The redemption rate is $30 reward for every $500 dollars spent

  7. - After the first $500, loyalty rewards are awarded after every $530 of sales, as points do not accrue when loyalty rewards are used as a form of payment.

  8. - Layby purchases that breach our layby terms and conditions are excluded from accumulating Repertoire Loyalty Rewards points.

  9. - Repertoire Loyalty Rewards are personal and non-transferable and are not exchangeable for cash or gift vouchers.

  10. - Each Repertoire Loyalty Reward can only be used once.

  11. - You will have a choice whether you would like to redeem points available at the time of purchase or leave them accruing for a later date

  12. - Rewards cannot be redeemed on the same day in which they are accrued

  13. - If an item purchased is returned, any loyalty points earned from that item will be deducted from the loyalty account balance automatically

  14. - It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their contact details updated, our staff will assist by checking when the customer is in store

  15. - The Repertoire Rewards Programme remains the property of the Repertoire Group and Repertoire reserves the right at any time without notice to:

    1. - amend or alter the conditions of the operation of the Repertoire Rewards programme, or

    2. - terminate the scheme

Repertoire retains personal information in accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1993. This personal information is collected to provide benefits to the customer, such as reward points, special offers and information about products and services.

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