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Share Our Style is dedicated to showcasing brand ambassadors from our Repertoire family - it might be a colleague, a ‘friend’ of Repertoire’s, a family member or a customer. With the release of each new collection, we will bring our women into the studio to take part in the photo shoot - with all the shrieks of laughter that this delivers. View her selection of our latest collection and hear a snippet of her story... we ask what excites her, what her normal day looks like, and why she chooses Repertoire as her ‘go to’ (her SOS) - over all others. ENJOY!

I cannot put a finger on my exact style or necessarily define it but I do know that it happens naturally as an extension of myself. There is definitely a playful and unexpected element to my style. I never want to look or be boring so I am a little adventurous and push the envelope a bit.
I love playing with proportions and architectural elements and always look for that special edge that makes an outfit interesting. I need my wardrobe to not only look good but also to be incredibly practical. I am passionate about family time; my hubby and two sons are my world and my life is centred around them as well as spending time with my gorgeous sister.
Born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand made is important to me which is how I discovered Repertoire. I love that my Repertoire pieces have that edge I look for and that they always make me feel great. Boring? Not a chance!
Farming has always been in my heart. We bravely moved from a farm of 400 cows in Tauranga to 1350 cows in Ashburton. This has created a wonderful opportunity for our family. The farm allows our two girls to see both of us throughout the day. They get the best jobs, like naming new calves!

People who know me well know that Repertoire changed me, made me feel beautiful in difficult times and inspired me to release my creative heart. I strive to live up to their example and seek out happiness every day. It was lovely on the day to be reminded of how far we've all come, I've been incredibly blessed to not only wear Repertoire but to know the heart and vision behind the beautiful people who work there.

My favourite outfit in the shoot was the orange sweatshirt (I love the energy!) and Meditation pant. It’s me in a nutshell. Freedom to climb mountains or contemplate, but with an edge that says, "there’s a little more to me than meets the eye”.

I have been in the fashion industry for many years working in garment production. I am absolutely passionate about what I do and I have always been involved with New Zealand Made brands. Supporting our own is very important to me so it is such a privilege to work for a fashion brand that fully supports my values.

Molly (my beautiful wee fur baby) and I love looking our best, this is an important and fun aspect of my daily routine. Despite my 6 foot personality I am only 5 foot tall which means that dressing has always been challenging and I have had to learn how to overcome styling challenges to keep up with current trends. You will always find me in a heel or tying my hair into a top knot to give the appearance of being taller.

I love Repertoire because I can so easily mix and match pieces to create my own unique looks. I often surprise my friends and colleagues by wearing pieces that they never thought I could wear because of my height. My team in the design room and office always look forward to seeing what I am wearing and how I am wearing it. Dressing up each day is such fun and I love that working at Repertoire gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and individual style.

Family is everything to me and keeps me on my toes. I am passionate about setting a good example to my precious children and grandchildren by helping and supporting them to make good decisions for their futures. This is a promise I made to my husband and one I hold close to my heart.

When I get asked my secret to looking the way I do at age 70, I always reply the same way: it is simply ‘keeping fit’. I used to love running marathons, although I am far more sensible these days and have set long walks and aqua-aerobics as my limit. I also have a new addition to my family; Louie, a French Bulldog, who helps me stay active. He is also a beautiful time waster as he loves cuddles!

Repertoire’s pieces really fit into my lifestyle by giving me looks that are comfortable, trendy and just a little playful. I have been swooning over the pink coat I wore at the photoshoot. I think it is the most beautiful colour and would undoubtedly lift one’s spirits on a cold winter’s day. Louie certainly wouldn’t be allowed near this precious item if it makes its way home with me!

From small-town beginnings in Tokomaru, I never envisioned I would go from sea-sick cooking in a galley kitchen no bigger than a shower cubicle to catering a million dollar, mobile restaurant for Ferrari/Vodafone Formula 1 and travelling the world as a chef catering for the rich and famous – but I did!

I began my journey of discovery and adventure at the tender age of 18 and have now found my true home here in the beautiful Bay of Plenty with my husband and four amazing children. My world now revolves around these four special little people; my pride and joy. They are a continuous reminder of what’s really important in life. I’m also passionate about cooking, eating well, yoga and meditation. I want to inspire people to cook delicious easy food to nourish their families.

My busy lifestyle makes clothing choices very difficult. I love Repertoire for its easy, casual elegance and the versatility helps me as I have so many roles, hobbies and passions. Repertoire gives me the wardrobe that can navigate all these versions of me.

I was born and raised in London (to a Kiwi mother) and proudly now call NZ my home. I never tire of the natural beauty here - it’s the most beautiful corner of the globe. I split my time between working at The Elms in Tauranga and running my own photography small business.

Preserving New Zealand’s history is something I’m truly passionate about – it’s important to ensure we’re maximizing awareness within communities about our local culture and heritage. Working at The Elms has been a great opportunity to raise local knowledge about one of the most significant heritage sites in New Zealand. For many, The Elms is second only to the Waitangi Treaty grounds in terms of its authenticity and importance.

Supporting NZ businesses and brands is super important to me. I love to see NZ owned, operated - and especially NZ made - businesses thriving! I love buying a few great pieces from trusted businesses that will last me a long time - and I know I will get that quality and longevity from Repertoire... in Repertoire I feel like me.

I am by no means your typical pageant girl. I love mud and I love fishing and hiking! I also
love the arts. I’m a Rotarian and enjoy volunteering and helping causes close to my
heart, like mentoring youth and fighting for awareness around domestic and child abuse.

I entered Miss Universe NZ because I wanted to challenge society’s perception of beauty
and body image. I have a bit more in the trunk than a runway model and I felt it was important
to challenge the industry to embrace the diversity of women of all shapes and sizes - in the end
there is beauty in everyone. It’s important that we love ourselves as we are, rather than
trying to fit a prescribed perception of beauty.

During the pageant process I was judged and criticised on social media - I was told I was fat
and had to lose weight. But at the end of the day I knew what I stood for and that’s what
mattered. I was placed 2nd runner-up (3rd) and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world!

I love supporting Repertoire as their clothes are made for all women and are designed to make
women feel beautiful and confident just the way they are.

It’s so important to me to always be doing what I love, as well as having my son (Ezekiel, 14) near me, wherever I go.

I want to be a positive influence, encouraging other young mothers to make the most out of life whilst doing what they love! I can’t stress that enough. I am lucky to work in a very influential industry where I can share such important messages. At the end of the year I will be filming in LA and co-starring with the lead as his wife. It’s a mobster/mafia type film, and I get to play a Kiwi :) I’m so excited as I am a very proud Kiwi girl, originally from Taranaki.

It is for this reason that I was excited about doing a shoot with Repertoire who are very proudly NZ made! Best of all, I got to wear clothes that really felt like me. I loved all the outfits - particularly the pink singlet and black pants. I’m a super casual person (as you can tell by my passion for longboarding) and with this outfit I felt like it was dressy yet casual, giving me the best of both worlds.

I recently heard someone say, "no woman is perfect and that’s what makes women perfect.” That one statement captures our whole approach to design and retail at Repertoire - it doesn’t matter if you are size 8 or size 16. At six months pregnant I could stand next to our gorgeous model Helena feeling beautiful and confident. That’s the beauty of our pieces; they are designed to be loved by anyone and everyone. The trick is what you wear and how you wear it.

With a fuller tummy and fuller lower half, longer length styles, fabric that drapes beautifully and elasticated waist bands are critical to my everyday dressing. Well-chosen accessories effortlessly finish my look. Shorter necklaces and statement shoes

(especially with a bit of heel) make me feel confident that I am bringing attention to areas I like to show off while detracting from others.

We have the most incredible group of women working in our stores, many of whom are trained stylists. Please pop in and get some honest styling advice. Our dream is to put the fun back into women’s dressing everyday and I am proof that there are styling solutions for all shapes and sizes.

i love supporting locally created nz products where can. It feels good to support the local economy.
I love Repertoire because it is NZ made, it is beautifully designed with a Kiwi girl’s figure in mind and just looks so damn gorgeous. Every time I wear a piece from Repertoire I get comments and people asking me where I got it from. EVERY time, I kid you not.

My wardrobe is complex because of my lifestyle; I go to a lot of dressy functions but then I also spend a LOT of time running around after my children and I also love to exercise, so chuck a fair amount of active wear in the mix.

It is important that my clothes last, are made well, look great (at all times), are hard wearing, don’t require too much ironing, haven’t maxed out the credit card and make me feel like me! I guess that’s what I love about Repertoire.

As the owner of the property staging company House Couture, I get to transform empty houses
into warm and inviting spaces that people can relate to and connect with. Interiors and fashion
are incredibly complimentary so I find that I am absolutely passionate about both. As a visual person, a lot of my decisions on fashion and interiors are made using intuition. I often just know on sight that a piece of clothing is a Jenny piece or that a painting or highlight colour will pop a room in a client’s space.
When I shop I generally have something in mind that I want. I always know I have found a winner when I can’t wait to wear that piece, it’s the best feeling. I love the confidence that you feel when you are wearing something you look great in and the way you can express who you are through your clothing.
I have a strong passion for supporting my local community, as well as NZ made, so it is just great that Repertoire is designed right here in the Bay by passionate women. We are very lucky!

Motivate Me is the largest women’s wellness support network in New Zealand. It is an online support hub for women all over the country on their journey to health and wellness. I love Repertoire because it shares a similar philosophy to me and my business. We are both about inspiring and encouraging women to love who they are regardless of their size, body shape, age etc.

Repertoire provides fashion pieces that give me everything I need to suit my lifestyle - comfort, good fits, interesting cuts, edge and style! I need pieces that accommodate all the different roles I play every day and I find that my Repertoire pieces really live up to this task. I love walking into a Repertoire store, the staff have an amazing energy and go all out to help and support you. It takes all the stress out of shopping, leaving just the fun part up to you... looking confident and beautiful!

"My vision is to see more women on their journey with their heads held high, their shoulders back, a smile on their face, a sparkle in their eye and LOVE in their heart!"

I love being a mum and it is definitely my biggest achievement. Arabella and Lucy inspire me daily in my pursuit of ‘Lovelyness’ and remind me what’s most important in life. I love the small daily joys, the never-ending love, the sound of my girls’ laughter and the wonderful wisdom they come out with - they are teaching me some of my greatest lessons! As a mum I love clothes that are timeless, multi-functional and stylish so I love the Repertoire items I have that go with everything else in my wardrobe. My girls like to wear pretty, feminine clothes - Arabella even for climbing trees. My youngest, Lucy, is all about pink, she’s like sunshine and candy floss - always in a fluffy frilly skirt, with crazy hair and a giant smile. As they grow and develop into young women, I’d like them to know that they should follow their own instincts when it comes to style, choose quality over quantity, wear what suits their shape and personality. Most importantly, I’ll remind them to love themselves, accept their flaws, look after their bodies and to be graceful young ladies.

I’m really lucky to be married to the Bald Englishman hairdresser, so I can always rely on my ‘bob’ looking polished - this just leaves me with clothes to worry about! I am not often able to get away from work or family to go shopping, but when I do, quality fabric and value for money is important to me. I am always thinking how I might wear something in a different style to what I already have in my wardrobe. It’s even more important to me that I look and feel confident, so a great fit is a must - I want to put my clothes on in the morning and forget about what I’m wearing. I want to wear the clothes and not have them wear me. I like to be really well put together no matter what style I wear - clothes are an expression of how I’m feeling and so I am quite eclectic in this respect. One day I might be rock chic (I LOVE leather), the next sixties style or, much like this shoot, French Riviera girl. I love that clothes allow me to express my creativity. I surprised myself in the shoot, I never expected to love the dropped crotch pants as much as I do, in fact, they’re already on my Christmas list!

Dance is so liberating! It allows me to be creative and express my thoughts and feelings through movement. My motivation and passion is to help women discover dance and experience fitness and weight loss through dance. There is nothing more rewarding than to witness people find their inner Beyoncé. I believe when a woman looks good on the outside, she feels like Beyoncé on the inside. That’s me! At 5ft 3” with a few bumps here and there, it is never easy finding clothes that fit my body type, so I usually choose to buy shoes, shoes, shoes! But, when those brief moments of success happen, it becomes a celebration and the red carpet is rolled out - and that’s exactly how I felt during this photoshoot. I am especially taken by the striking cobalt blue. It’s a colour I’ve never had in my wardrobe, but it’s fast become my new favourite!

As the owner of ‘Away with the Fairies’, I do a lot of massages, facials and makeup tutoring. Like Repertoire, I share a love of working with my clients and I find each woman unique and beautiful in her own special way. In between this, I am busy writing and illustrating a children’s poetry book. Life excites me! I jam pack every minute to the fullest so it’s a bit of a juggling act. I need to have the ability to be creative and adapt to the different situations in my life - and in clothes that make me feel fabulous and don’t restrain me. Needless to say, Repertoire’s clothes more than meet my needs with their effortless style, beautiful fabrics and quality craftsmanship. We all have many roles to play in our daily lives and it is important to feel terrific in each one of those roles every single day.

My husband and I were mulling over adding a third child to our family of two boys when we decided to start a business creating natural skincare products. Our business is all about creating products that make people happy in their everyday lives and it quickly became our "third baby”, hence the company name: No 3. I’ve always used Repertoire as a role model business because they are also all about customer service and creating happiness. Every shopping experience I’ve had makes me feel special and the team really focus on me, getting to know my body shape and my lifestyle requirements. What’s more, they always seem to pull it off. I don’t know how they manage it, but I always walk out with pieces that can take me from sales meetings to manufacturing to school pick-ups with ease. My friends say I’m brave, funny (and serious at the same time), persistent and practical. Good thing I’ve got a like-minded friend in my Repertoire wardrobe, too!

As a partner in a large accounting practice, my wardrobe was always corporate and conservative.
Thanks to Repertoire I have discovered a new and stylish version of myself. I feel great wearing Repertoire, and by the compliments I receive, others must think I look pretty good too!
The photo with Lee will remain a treasured memory. I owe this wonderfully talented designer so much, both as a friend and as someone who has been instrumental in transforming my outward appearance and boosting my inner confidence.
It is a privilege to be an ambassador for the Repertoire brand, wearing garments designed with love and carefully crafted here in Tauranga. Every collection brings new opportunities for me to try different looks, and continues my passion for the Repertoire experience!

My life zigzags between being an interior stylist consulting in people’s homes and being a retailer who’s either behind the counter or out the back unpacking all the delicious stock as it comes in. As I move between the roles (sometimes at great pace), I often joke that it’s my wardrobe that holds it all together! My tactile nature means I have a weakness for beautiful clothes and accessories. I adore the talented, strong women behind the Repertoire story, and I adore the styles, colours, tailoring, fit and quality of their clothing. I love the ease with which I can add a blazer, some heels and lippy for the evening. This latest collection is a sure winner in my eyes – it’s creative, considered and organised - just like me!

Alice Sea is a local musical legend whose friends describe her as a "bubbly and creative”. Her working day starts with a sunrise surf, followed by a super green smoothie. Mid-morning is usually occupied with social media updates, recording or editing, then it’s into practice, relaxing and preparing for her evening gigs. "Evenings are full on with set-up, sound checks and gigs, then it all starts again!” Alice’s bohemian style is reflected in her music, with inspiration drawn from the sound effects of the ocean and forest. Her clothing repertoire stays on trend while also reflecting her love of nature."I love this collection from Repertoire. The fabrics are unique and creative, the earthy colour tones are very grounding and the styles are very comfortable and flattering for me. This is the key for confidence. My favourite shot is the jacket, bootleg jean and turtle neck… it’s a sophisticated, feminine and funky outfit, perfect for movement and performance on stage.”

Since I discovered Repertoire my life has changed. Getting dressed every morning is no longer a chore; it’s a pleasure because it’s so easy. Discovering Repertoire changed the whole way I dress on a daily basis. To me, fashion used to mean a certain level of discomfort – fat day outfits, thin day outfits, numerous outfit changes before leaving the house, tight waist bands, too high heels, checking my top hasn’t ridden up at the back to show off my underwear at lunch... I could go on and on. Now I’m still able to dress in individual statement pieces but put them together in the way I want to wear them - with confidence and comfort. Repertoire is a brand with excellent ethos, integrity and values which are extremely important to me. I LOVE that Repertoire is designed and made in New Zealand. I LOVE that their pieces are of high quality and are cut especially to take into consideration our changing bodies. And I LOVE that my pieces are transeasonal and I’m building a wardrobe that I can wear in summer and layer in winter.

Being part of Repertoire is like being on an exciting journey. No two days are
the same and there’s wonderful inspiration all around me. I get excited when I
hear the design team’s inspiration behind our new designs and fabrics, and I am
equally excited and inspired by the amazing women I meet on a daily basis. The
way I choose to dress is a natural extension of my adventurous personality, so
Repertoire works well as it enables me to create looks that are a little
unexpected. I particularly love how the Lounge collection adapts for weekend wear
and special occasions - although I do draw the line at wearing it while working
in the garden (same can’t be said for the ride-on mower though)!

Working at Repertoire gives me a unique insight into the love and affection that goes into every garment we create. I usually get a piece from every collection, because I know it’s so well constructed, and it works together with pieces from previous and current seasons.
By mixing and matching my wardrobe it always looks new and I’ve become a real Repertoire ambassador amongst my friends. Whenever we go out they always comment on what I’m wearing and how great it looks – I always smile to myself as often they’ve actually seen all the pieces before but just in different combinations.
The photoshoot was so much fun - my favourite photo is the one with Minty, my 1962 Beetle. She’s been in my life for the past seven years and I’m still in love with her. When I’m out and about in Minty and rocking my Repertoire, I feel on top of the world!

I became a Repertoire customer almost 9 years ago.
I fell in love with this brand not only because it suits my relaxed lifestyle in the Bay but because it fits beautifully, is easy to wear and makes me feel ready for my day - and I also know how much soul and love goes into every piece. This brand is far more than just clothing for me.
It represents the essence of being a woman, being strong and being free.
The pieces in this new collection felt like clothing that I could wear in the clinic, go for a walk on the beach in or go out for dinner with ease and grace.
Clothes for me need to be effortless and timeless and Repertoire gives me this every time. Thanks to the team for all their hard work over the years!

We design and run retreats that help women get a new sense of themselves. We help them find solutions on how they can take better care of themselves and improve their health and happiness. Our days vary from sitting behind a computer, teaching yoga, whipping up nutritious meals - and often it involves lounging around a luxurious retreat with a group of fabulous ladies… life is good.

We feel beautiful, graceful and confident in our Repertoire clothing with minimal effort, which helps us inspire other women to be beautiful, graceful and confident too. As part of our retreats, Repertoire gives each lady a personal styling session. The next day is heaps of fun and very special, watching our ladies dance around the retreat with renewed confidence. Joelene

I’ve been described as "Mandy: the bubbly Irish make-up artist” which always makes me smile because it pretty well sums me up. I never have a typical working day - sometimes I am prepping models for fashion shoots and at other times, I am helping a bride get ready for her big day. For this shoot, I had to adjust to being the model rather than the make-up artist (although I did do my own make-up) which was outside of my comfort zone but a real buzz!

My favourite shot is the khaki skirt and white top, but that’s only because you asked me to choose, I really love them all! Whenever I have a ‘what will I wear’ moment, I always turn to Repertoire as I know I will feel great all day and the clothing is quality-made, classy, comfortable, sophisticated and a little quirky, just like me.

I have come from a corporate background and when I first joined Repertoire, over 5 years ago, my wardrobe was either business attire or super casual as in jeans and t-shirts. There was a big gap in the middle and that is where Repertoire came in!

I love Repertoire’s philosophy of being ‘elegantly relaxed, with an edge’ because it fills that middle ground so beautifully for me. It’s wonderful to be able to dress pieces up or down to fit all occasions.

I feel amazing when I wear Repertoire and that kind of confidence is so wonderful when you are 50-something like me!
As a full-time fashion student and part-time retail advisor at Repertoire, I spend all my waking hours with ‘fashion’ at the front of my mind. I love how clothing can emerge from a designer’s drawn concept to become a fully-fledged garment – then to see it worn by a grateful and happy customer is something else! That magic moment in store when a garment completely transforms a woman’s confidence is so exciting – it’s the reason I’m drawn to this industry.

Long term, my goal is to become a stylist and to dress celebrities, but for now I am loving my studies, and my role at Repertoire where

I get to work with, and be inspired by, current and edgy clothing.

Our customer Jane shares her style with us…

I spend my week days wearing a uniform in the clinic or in theatre, so when it’s ‘my time’ I want to wear clothes that I love. While my friends and family quietly laugh at the size of my wardrobe, they know how much I love fashion and the buzz I get. They also know that Repertoire is my ‘go to’ brand. Every piece wears well, looks good, is easily dressed up or down and the fit always makes me feel comfy and stylish. I use belts, clips, scarves and shoes to keep varying my looks.

I love how you can add or take away a layer to make the pieces look seasonal. This new collection made me feel feminine and fabulous without having to try. Most importantly, I feel like me; organised, styley, caring and probably ‘nicely’ bossy!

Repertoire clothing has been part of my life’s journey for the past nine years. My favourite pieces have been there on the first day of my career, in meetings, at celebrations, throughout my pregnancy and now they even survive Sullivan’s sticky little fingerprints. My Repertoire clothes are virtually bullet proof.

I am unashamedly passionate about our brand and love how it carries me through my day and then into the evening. My clothing is a very personal expression of who I am and I really enjoy being a little creative with how I put my looks together. I love how they help me feel confident and beautiful even on only a few hours of sleep. It is on mornings like this that I am so grateful for my Repertoire pieces, they are so easy to put together and I trust them to work hard for me all day long.
Because I love fashion so much, it’s important to me that my clothing is always on trend and current and that I can adapt how I style and wear my pieces so they reflect my own unique edge and look. In my role as a stylist for Repertoire I come into contact with a lot of women, so I want my clothes to replicate my sense of style and to inspire trust.

Repertoire is always in line with what is trending globally. l love that all the research has been done for me and that the trends have been interpreted in a way that suits New Zealand women and their lifestyles. I love that my Repertoire pieces are versatile, and I can dress them up or down giving me endless styling options 365 days of the year. I’m not one to "save things for good” as I believe that every day is a "good” day!

Repertoire’s clothing gives me confidence, it flatters my figure - everyone thinks I’m so much slimmer than I actually am :) The styles are fashionable and current so I always feel on trend. As a career mum I need clothes that take me from the school gate, to work and onto an evening event with a quick change of shoes and accessories. I love that my Repertoire wardrobe does this for me and that I can wear it on the weekend enjoying family time, whether it’s go-karting or exploring food markets and cafés.

I love travelling and plan to take my favourite pieces to Europe for the Rugby World Cup in October, via eating our way around Spain of course!
I need clothing that is easy and comfortable to wear. I would love to spend everyday relaxing on the beach with nothing better to do than soak up the sun (with no technology), but my reality is a day full of extremes, from running around the design and production room to spending the entire day behind my computer creating design spec sheets.

I know that when I put my Repertoire pieces on I will look good, feel secure and still feeling like myself -
I love that I can team my Repertoire tops with my favourite ripped jeans. It’s my signature look.

I look for the extraordinary in everyday things and it’s these moments that drive my creativity and confidence. It is really important that my clothes set the stage for my day, leaving me ready for the magic that life brings.

I love Repertoire because it is unique and made in New Zealand, just like me. I am a simple soul, my friends would describe me as enthusiastic, funny, friendly and unreliable, only because I am always on the go go go go.

My kids love my wardrobe... my husband not always.

I love that there is no wrong or right way to wear Repertoire... there is only my way.I need my looks to be edgy, on trend but always easy and comfortable. I love that I can transform my outfits from weekend to work with a simple shoe change and some lippy.
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