01 May, 2024


There's no denying the stronghold red has on fashion right now. Here at Repertoire, we are just loving this confident hue. Lee, Theresa and Michelle, creatives from our design HQ, share their favourite ways to style red this winter.

"The 'Repertoire Woman' is certainly no wallflower, and red is the perfect match to create outfits that just exude drama and romance. Our Emma Jacket has been meticulously constructed in this incredible red wool suiting, that brings energy and confidence to your day. We've designed it with what we like to call 'blavy' buttons, a navy so dark it's almost black, meaning it can easily be styled with your navy or black foundational pieces. I've styled this red treasure with my beloved Chika Skirt and Ducati Boot for a powerful statement look."


"While I'm not always the first to choose bright colours, I'm loving this splash of red against my winter neutrals. And as I always keep updated with what is going on in the fashion world, I just can't resist red being the current must-have colour. My wardrobe is grounded in natural tones and greys, and I find adding strategic pops of red can add new life to my existing rotation. If you want to ease into wearing new colours, knitwear, shoes and accessories, are a great place to start. Colourful knitwear in winter works so well to brighten your mood on grey days, and a pop of red in your footwear is always sure to make your outfit more fun."


"Red is a shade that just makes you glow! Bringing this vibrant shade into your outerwear makes winter dressing so much fun. It really does lift your mood and looks so lively. I've styled our Ryder Trench with denim and my favourite white shirt for a street-ready look that lets the trench do the talking. I especially love how the red amplifies the trench style, while still remaining a classic silhouette."