10 May, 2024


Our Repertoire family is made up of the most inspirational mums, caretakers, and nurturers. To celebrate the strong women around us, we spoke to some of the mother figures at Repertoire about their loved ones.

Meghan, one of our directors, with her kids Olive and Sully. Meghan wears our Yale Jacket, Maison Knit and Duet Skirt.

What have Olive and Sully taught you?
OMG I don’t know where to start as they have taught me so much, especially about unconditional love. Every day they remind me of the importance of having fun and laughing.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to other mothers juggling multiple roles?
My success in juggling multiple roles is always focusing on quality time. I always try and make it to the events that are important to them. I believe those are the moments they will remember and I always want them to remember me there in those moments.

Alex, our production manager, and her fur children Nigel and Sebastian. Alex wears our Stanza Coat and Logan Pant.

How have your furry companions become an integral part of your family and brought joy into your life?
What can I say!! I am a proud and happy fur-mum of two fur-boys and for me the best accessory to any outfit is dog glitter (fur) or a paw print. My boys have been with me for 10 and 11 years now and as they say if you want unconditional love get a dog, they are not wrong.

What have Nigel & Sebastian taught you?
My fur-boys remind me constantly to stay in the moment, stop and sniff the flowers, wag your tail super hard and find joy in every single moment and most importantly to just be ME even though I cannot speak Bark!

Meghann, one of our designers, with her bub on the way. Meghann wears her Montaigne Skirt, Micah Knit and Reya Trench.

How does the experience of expecting your second child compare to your first, and what have you learned along the way?
It's just as exciting, if not more. Having children is such a privilege and I feel immensely grateful to be able to grow my beautiful family. I know Tommy will love having a sibling to play with. I do however, need to be honest and say I’m much more sore and breathless this time around! I’ve already started waddling. I have learnt to relax and give myself a break, being a parent is hard work and no one is perfect.

Jo, our Mount Maunganui stylist, and her mokopuna Amelie. Jo wears our Napoli Tunic and Heart Brooch, and Amelie wears our Maddie Foil Tee.

What is a piece of advice you passed on to Amelie?
When we bake together we always say ‘cooking you can throw things together but with baking you have to be accurate with the measurements’!

And what is something you want her to always have in the back of her mind when growing up?
I say 'Back yourself' and Amelie says 'Don't be a moose'.