22 Mar, 2024


Our Creative Director & Designer Lee has just returned from an inspiration trip to Tokyo. We sat down with her for a Q+A on what inspired her, what she wore, and her favourite spots in Tokyo.

What were your favourite pieces you had in your suitcase?

My Logan Pants really ticked the boxes for me. They worked with everything in my suitcase, were incredibly comfortable and looked cool with my sneakers and Ultrasonic Boots. I was grateful to have my Leanne Jumpers (both black and oat) with me as it was pretty cold, and these pieces felt edgy and modern whilst being super cozy. The new Spectre Coat (coming soon) was a life saver and travelled so beautifully, I got so many compliments on it.

What were the most noticeable fashion trends in Tokyo street style?

I loved the total immersion in fashion, there are so many different trends all happening at once. From architectural avant-garde Japanese designers like Comme de Garçon through to street fashion brands like Kift. Street style wise there were lots of barrel-legged pants, statement sneakers, maxi skirts and lots of neutral tones. I particularly loved how beautifully the men dressed.

Did you have a favourite shopping area/neighbourhood in Tokyo?

Shibuya and Omotesandō, particularly along Cat Street, were fantastic fashion areas. Ginza had beautiful luxury stores and some amazing store interiors!

With this being your first trip, were there any surprises?

I was so intrigued by how many French bakeries and pastry stores there were. You won't struggle to find a good coffee or croissant in Tokyo!

What inspired you the most during your trip? 

I was so inspired by how mindfully and consciously things are approached in Japan. Such care is taken into creating beautiful and meaningful experiences, whether it’s a meal being prepared or a purchase being packaged. What really stood out to me was that in all the complexity there is a reverence for simplicity and natural beauty. Spaces, whilst being small, were thoughtfully designed and curated with an element of refined luxury.

Any favourite foods you tried?

To travel to Japan is definitely a foodie experience. It’s hard to choose one favourite but the grilled seafood and Yakatori was pretty exceptional, and the matcha ice cream was dreamy. It’s good to go with an open mind and try new things, it’s all part of the experience.

What one tip would you offer fashion lovers planning a trip to Tokyo?

Do your research so that when you arrive you have a plan to get to all the areas as it’s so vast. It's also good to get a little off the beaten track and wander down side streets – you're sure to stumble on some beautiful and unique boutiques you would never have known were there. It’s an adventure.